Full Service Data Platform

Fully automated data feed with auto-trading. You simply select which bookmakers to follow and how, and then your own custom feed emerges which auto-trades sports based on bookmaker selections.

Also supported - Creation of fully custom markets based on implied probability, bookmaker keys + formulae, and many other variables.

Intelligent Data

Data Scenes does not limit itself to single automatic feeds like many other providers.

Delivering double verified, intelligent data, is our primary responsibility and we take it seriously.

Due to this, all feeds have a redundant backup feed allowing Data Scenes to double verify all data (whenever possible) before delivering it to operators, affiliate sites, and media companies alike.

Even so, we ensure we have a 24/7 data auditing team and 24/7 technical staff available so the right people are always available when our clients need them.


Data Scenes provides enterprise quality gamecasts on all 20000 events it covers every month.

Thrilling to the eye with play by play updates coming as much as 30 seconds faster than TV broadcasts and other sports news sites, users stay glued to your site to catch the latest on their chosen events.

Data Scenes covers extensive details of the events which are included in the feed with gamecast delivery such as field position, line-ups, full event stats, season stats, player history and stats.